Choosing between battery, mains, and solar powered automatic chicken doors

Automatic chicken doors can be powered using batteries, a small solar panel, or a mains 240-volt power plug. 

Battery powered automatic chicken doors

Battery power is by far the most common method used to power automatic chicken doors. Some battery powered doors use standard 1.5-volt AA batteries, while others use less common batteries that can store more power or operate at a higher voltage. 

Battery powered automatic chicken doors have the advantages of being easy and convenient to set up on any chicken coop in any setting, they are electrically safe, reliable, and they don’t require an electrician if repairs need to be made. 

Every Safe Coop® automatic chicken door is battery powered. Due to the highly energy efficient components and design, the four 1.5-volt AA batteries that power a Safe Coop® automatic chicken door will usually only need to be replaced every two years. Being powered by standard AA batteries also means it will never be a struggle to find replacement batteries. 

Solar powered automatic chicken doors 

Solar powered chicken doors usually come with a small solar panel that needs to be installed in a sunny spot next to the chicken door. If your chicken door is in a shady spot or not north facing (in the southern hemisphere) or south facing (in the northern hemisphere), solar may not be the best option for you. Once the solar panel is installed, it will be connected to the door via a weatherproof cable. There will be a rechargeable battery inside the automatic chicken door to store energy so the door can open or close when there isn’t sufficient sunlight to power the door. 

While you’ll need to replace the battery less often with a solar powered door compared to a standalone battery powered door, the solar battery will still degrade and will eventually need replacing. The rechargeable batteries are often hardwired into solar powered chicken doors, meaning you may need to employ a suitably qualified professional to replace the battery. You’ll also need to regularly clean the solar panel for it to perform correctly in a dusty chicken run environment. 

Safe Coop® used to produce a solar powered automatic chicken door. However, it was discontinued due to low demand. Improvements in energy efficiency made the battery powered option a more convenient and lower maintenance choice compared to the solar powered option. 

Mains-powered automatic chicken doors 

Mains-powered automatic chicken doors come with a 240-volt or 120-volt power plug that can be plugged straight into a powerpoint. While you’ll never need to replace a battery using a mains-powered automatic chicken door, most chicken coops don’t have an outdoor, waterproof powerpoint nearby. 

Mains-powered automatic chicken doors aren’t popular, as most poultry keepers don’t want high voltage electricity cables and appliances around a chicken coop environment. For this reason, Safe Coop® does not sell a mains powered automatic chicken door. 

Which option should you choose? 

Due to the advancement in energy efficiency, Safe Coop® recommends and sells battery powered automatic chicken doors. Battery powered automatic chicken doors are easy to install, safe, can be set up on any chicken coop, and offer low ongoing maintenance that you can do yourself without needing to employ a professional.  Order online directly from Safe Coop® today.


Why choose Safe Coop®?

We’re an Australian company that designs automatic chicken doors to reliably defend your chickens from the toughest Australian predators.

Our chicken doors are made to last using quality materials including durable ASA plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. You can trust a Safe Coop® automatic chicken door to keep your flock safe every night. 

Every chicken door we sell comes with intelligent and reliable technology, allowing you to enjoy sleep-ins and go on holiday without needing to worry about your flock. 

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