All Safe Coop® automatic chicken doors come with a one year warranty. Regardless of the place of purchase, we’ll happily assist you with any issues you have with your Safe Coop® automatic chicken door. 

Step 1. Troubleshooting

The first step to take if you’re experiencing any issues is to check the Maintenance & Troubleshooting information available on pages 16 to 20 of the door controller instruction manual

You can download a free electronic copy of the instruction manual on the Service & parts webpage. From our experience, completing these steps will solve almost all problems. 

Step 2. Warranty form

If the troubleshooting steps have not solved the issue, and your automatic chicken door is still within the warranty period, please complete the warranty claim form below. 

If your automatic chicken door is no longer under warranty, you can purchase spare parts to fix your automatic chicken door on the Service & parts webpage.

Step 3. Check your emails

Please check your emails regularly, as we will email you if we require further information regarding your warranty request. 

We will assess your warranty request and express post any parts you’ll need to fix the issue ASAP. Each part is easy to replace and does not require specialist knowledge or tools. Please contact us after the spare part has been delivered if you require any help.