The most common nocturnal Australian chicken predators

Depending on your location and chicken breed, you’ll need to keep your flock safe at night from foxes, cats, dogs, dingoes, quolls, snakes, owls and even Tasmanian devils. 

By far the most common nocturnal chicken predator on mainland Australia are foxes. Foxes pose a particular threat due to their intelligence and the fact they can wipe out an entire flock in just one night. Foxes can be found across suburban, regional and remote areas in every Australian state and territory with the exception of Tasmania. As they are sly, nocturnal animals, you may not know they are around until after they have killed your flock. 

Many other animals also pose a threat to your chickens. Different predators will use different methods to try and break through an automatic chicken door from brute force, sliding the door up the runners, pulling the door off the coop wall, or chewing their way through the door or door runners. The key to defending your chickens from all Australian poultry predators is a reliable, strong, and locking automatic chicken door. 

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Why choose Safe Coop®?

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