What types of poultry can use an automatic chicken door?

All poultry species can quickly adapt to using an automatic chicken door. Ducks, quail, guinea fowl, and pheasants among others will all use the automatic chicken door. 

In terms of chickens, the Safe Coop® automatic chicken door is suitable for the smallest bantam chicken all the way up to the largest standard chicken breeds. Providing the door is not too high off the ground (or there is a ramp) chicks will happily use the automatic chicken door as well. 

The automatic locking door that comes with the Safe Coop® automatic chicken door is 32 cm high and 25 cm wide. If your coop is home to mainly larger poultry species and you’d like a larger size door, you can purchase the Safe Coop® automatic chicken door controller with a larger 40 cm high and 30 cm wide aluminium door on the Poultry Australia website. Poultry Australia is an authorised Safe Coop® stockist.

Why choose Safe Coop®?

We’re an Australian company that designs automatic chicken doors to reliably defend your chickens from the toughest Australian predators.

Our chicken doors are made to last using quality materials including durable ASA plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. You can trust a Safe Coop® automatic chicken door to keep your flock safe every night. 

Every chicken door we sell comes with intelligent and reliable technology, allowing you to enjoy sleep-ins and go on holiday without needing to worry about your flock. 

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